Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Does Your Mobile Development Ensure Quality?

Your mobile developers have to give you quality in development and delivery. Now that comes only with knowledge sharpened by years of experience. With over 18 years of experience in developing mobile apps for businesses across sectors and an ISO 27001:2013 certification for our security systems, this comes naturally to Openwave.

It’s time your apps go responsive

Are your apps responsive? Being responsive is all about being multi-device compatible and dynamic both in terms of content and presentation. Non-responsive not only fail with the customers today, they are not even indexed in searches by Google. If you’re looking for the right partners to develop your next-gen mobile app, you’ve found the right partner in Openwave!

Have you got the right Android developers?

Android development is exciting, it is also great fun to work with. But it is also fraught with competition. This means there is little scope for errors. That’s why you need to hire the best of developers who combine competence with experience to give you the best Android app that fits your business. So, does your app reflect your business? Come, get the Openwave advantage.

Integrating payment systems with your app!

When it comes to integrating payment solutions with your mobile app, it’s all about being simple and secure. With Openwave providing you with White-label solutions, Push notification services, IVR payments and MPI integration services that are PCI-DSS compliant, what more can you ask for! Come, get the Openwave advantage!

Have a problem rebranding your app?

You can put paid to any worries regarding rebranding your payment solutions with Openwave giving you the freedom of White label solutions which allow you to rebrand and repackage the solution however and how many ever times you want! Once the solution is delivered to you, it is all yours to use and sell!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Is Your Mobile Application Simple and Quality Enough?

For a mobile app to be successful, its design needs to be simple, interactive and effective. Along with this, it also needs to stand up to the quality the user expects. And who better than Openwave, with its ISO 27001:2013 certification? If it’s mobile, it has to be Openwave!

Have you maximised your Android mobile UI impact?

Your Android mobile application’s use interface is the door to unlock your organization’s growth potential. A good UI is the first step towards ensuring a good user experience. Openwave, with its team of experienced mobile app designers knows what it takes to tailor a responsive mobile app to suit your business.

Worried about budget figures for your mobile app?

Want to build a quality mobile app but put off by the numbers that are shown by people? Well, it’s time to cast your doubts aside as Openwave gives you quality, responsive and user-centric mobile apps that are well-within your budget. Openwave does this with its ISO 27001:2013 certified quality delivery process!

To succeed, your Focus must be on quality!

There are many Open Source tools available today like Pttrns, Unsplash, Ios fonts etc. to develop the best design for your mobile app. But given the fact that everyone uses them, how does yours make a difference? This is where the developer’s quality come into focus. Take a look at Openwave’s portfolio and what our clients have to say about our quality to get an idea!

Ios has evolved, have you?

iOS has come a long way from its start by delving deeper and deeper into newer technologies and making them its own. With Swift and iOS 8, it has set the bar higher and this needs a new development approach too! Have you hired the right development partner to help you do this for you? Openwave, with its result-oriented delivery and ISO 27001:2013 certified quality process, is the right choice for you!